MERS Has Standing to Bring Foreclosure Action as Court Ruled There Was No Question That the Defendant-Homeowner Was the Correctly Named Party

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In the case of Mortgage Elec. Registration Sys., Inc. v. Ventura, No. CV 054003168S, 2006 WL 1230265 (Conn. Super. Ct. April 20, 2006) the plaintiff-lender moved for summary judgment against defendants, a husband and wife, as to liability only. After review of the lender’s complaint and allegation that the husband was indebted to the lender, the court… Read more »

Connecticut Superior Court Recognizes MERS’ Status as Mortgagee and MERS’ Subsequent Assignee

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In LaSalle Bank v. Johnson, No. CV‐085016113, 2009 WL 2872844 (Conn. Super. Aug. 10, 2009), the court recognized MERS’ status as mortgagee and MERS’ subsequent assignment of the mortgage. Fremont Investment & Loan loaned Ronald Johnson $192,000.00. To secure a loan from Fremont Investment & Loan, homeowner gave a mortgage to MERS. A foreclosure action… Read more »

Plaintiff Denied Summary Judgment in Foreclosure Proceedings Due to Factual Dispute

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In Bayview Loan Servicing v Sanchez, CV 09 5004156 S, 2009 WL 1874180 [Conn Super Ct June 10, 2009], an unpublished opinion, Plaintiff Bayview Loan Servicing moved for summary judgment against non-appearing Defendant Pedro Sanchez in a foreclosure action. The town of Windham (Defendant), holder of two mortgages on the property, objected – claiming a… Read more »