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Brooklyn Law School

July 22, 2013

Dirty REMICs, Revisited

By David Reiss

Brad and I have posted, Dirty REMICs, Revisited (also on BePress).  The abstract reads:

We review the differences between two visions for the residential mortgage markets, one driven by the goal of efficiency and the other driven by the goals of efficiency and consumer protection. Both visions advocate for structural reform, but one advocates for industry-led change and the other advocates for input from a wider array of stakeholders. Broader input is not only important to ensure that a broad range of interests are represented but also to ensure the long-term legitimacy of the new system. This is a response to Joshua Stein, Dirt Lawyers Versus Wall Street: A Different View, Probate and Property (2013 Forthcoming), which in turn is a response to Bradley T. Borden & David J. Reiss, Dirt Lawyers and Dirty REMICs, Probate and Property 12 (May/June 2013).

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