Editor: David Reiss
Brooklyn Law School

August 19, 2016

Friday’s Government Report Roundup

By Robert Engelke

  • In a report titled, Tenure Choice and the Future of Homeownership, the US Department of Housing and Urban Development in part with other contributors discuss how the future of American homeownership is being pushed in contradictory directions by demographic changes. The aging of the Baby Boomers would support higher levels of homeownership, but the increasing minority share of the population and the persistent racial gap in homeownership acts to reduce homeownership.
  • In a paper titled Credit and Collateral: Rising Denial Rates on Home Purchase Mortgage Applications, 2001-2011, the US Department of Housing and Urban Development estimates how the likelihood that an application is denied by the lender has changed over time after accounting for characteristics of loan applicants.
  • Using the Metropolitan Surveys of the American Housing Survey, from 1995-2004, this paper, titled Good Home Improvers Make Good Neighbors, analyzes the differences in real appreciation rates between neighborhoods with different levels of median home improvement spending, even for households with comparable levels of individual expenditures.
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