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Brooklyn Law School

February 21, 2013

Reiss on Pino Robo-Signing Case

By David Reiss

I had blogged about the case here.  Law360 interviewed me about the broader significance of the case:

Despite its application to just Florida, real estate and foreclosure attorneys around the country have been keeping tabs on the case, according to Brooklyn Law School professor David Reiss. The ruling highlights a trend around the country of foreclosure mills and debt collection firms “making thousands of filings and paying very little attention to whether the filings are accurate,” he said.

Reiss said the court could have taken broader action by stating clearly that fraudulent filings undercut the rule of law.

“You could easily imagine a court saying that the kind of behavior alleged here does impugn the litigation process and [that] the court can take actions to remedy it,” Reiss said. “I’m not saying they made a mistake, but if you are aware of behavior that is taking advantage of the judicial system, I think I can imagine another set of judges saying, ‘We have the inherent authority to handle that.'”

The rest of the story is here (behind a paywall, alas).

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