Editor: David Reiss
Brooklyn Law School

December 10, 2015

Using Homeowners Insurance

By David Reiss


Univision quoted me in When to Use Your Home Insurance Policy (Cuándo Usar la Póliza de Seguro del Hogar). It opens,

It is not advisable to use your homeowners insurance every time something breaks. Find out why and learn when it’s the best time to file a claim and when to avoid it.

As explained by David Reiss, Professor and Research Director at Brooklyn Law School’s Center for Urban Business Entrepreneurship, it is important to think carefully about the consequences of making a claim for a small loss.

We leave you with several issues you should consider when deciding whether to file a claim.

Is the payment worth the effort?

Generally, the homeowner will be responsible for the first part of the loss in an amount equal to the deductible of the policy. “So if the policy has a $1,000 deductible, and there was a $1,500 loss, only $500 at most would be paid by the insurance company,” said the expert.

Many claims, canceled policy!

After a homeowner files multiple claims, many insurance companies may cancel a policy.  Reiss recommends that you determine how this would work beforehand.

Thanks to Ana Puello for assistance with the translation.

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