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May 27, 2014

Vermont Court Rejects Homeowners’ Request to Dismiss Complaint for Lack of Standing

By Ebube Okoli

The court in deciding Deutsche Bank National Trust v. Merritt, 2013 Vt., 225 (Vt. Oct. 1, 2013) ultimately

Defendant homeowners sought to appeal the lower court’s order, which granted substitute plaintiff bank’s motion to dismiss the foreclosure action.

The homeowners raised several arguments regarding the bank’s standing to enforce homeowners’ promissory note, and sought an order dismissing the case. The defendant specified the bank’s lack of standing as the basis for the dismissal request, ordering that any legal charges, assessments and fees assessed by a bank against homeowners in connection with this action be removed from their mortgage debt, and ordering that initial plaintiff OneWest return all mortgage payments received from homeowners with statutory interest.

After considering the defendant’s claim, this court followed the lower court in dismissing the case.

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