Editor: David Reiss
Brooklyn Law School

August 17, 2016

Wednesday’s Academic Roundup

By Robert Engelke

  • This paper, Agglomeration Effects and Liquidity Gradients in Local Rental Housing Markets, empirically analyzes the relation between local liquidity in rental housing markets and urban agglomeration effects. Using listed rent offers from online market platforms,
  • This paper, Housing Costs and Commuting Distance, shows households face a tradeoff between housing costs and commuting costs. Using a database that connects residence and workplace neighborhoods in eight larger metropolitan areas, we model the difference in housing costs as a function of estimated commuting distance.
  • This overview article, The Disruptive Implications of Fintech-Policy Themes for Financial Regulators, which provides a framework for analysing the disruptive potential of fintech and regulatory implications, is envisaged to be an anchor for more specific pieces that examine particular areas of fintech in detail. The purpose of this article is not to delve into excessive detail regarding each area of fintech highlighted. We believe that such a high level perspective is necessary so as to introduce a more coherent blueprint for regulatory thinking and design, avoiding silo-based and narrowly reactive approaches to increasingly complex financial innovation that weaves in both digital and legal innovations.
  • This paper, The Boom and Bust of US Housing Prices from Various Geographic Perspectives, summarizes changes in housing prices during the recent U.S. boom and bust from various geographic perspectives.
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