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August 27, 2013

Court of Civil Appeals of Alabama, in Favor of Borrower, Vacates and Dismisses Judgment

By Ebube Okoli

The court in Nelson v. Federal National Mortgage Association, 97 So.3d 770 (2012) the Court granted Fannie Mae’s summary judgment as to its ejectment action against the borrower because the Court found that Fannie Mae received valid title to the property from MERS subsequent to the foreclosure sale conducted by MERS. However, on appeal, court of civil appeals of Alabama vacated the lower court’s judgment and dismissed the appeal.

The court of civil appeals reversed a decision by the lower court holding that under the state’s law MERS had the power and authority to conduct the foreclosure sale in its own name and the special warranty deed from MERS to Fannie Mae was valid and gave Fannie Mae superior legal title to the property. On appeal this was reversed.

Likewise, the lower court also originally held that an assignment of mortgage from MERS to the servicer was unnecessary for MERS to proceed with the foreclosure on behalf of the servicer. Accordingly the court of civil appeals also vacated this.

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