Editor: David Reiss
Brooklyn Law School

September 22, 2017

Friday’s Government Reports Roundup

By Jamila Moore

  • Core Logic released a Home Equity Report for the second quarter of 2017. Homeowners across the U.S. experienced a 10.6 increase in their home equity from year-to-year. While 10% seems like a nominal amount, in the aggregate the total exceeds over $700 billion in increase of home equity for homeowners throughout the U.S. Further, home owners with negative mortgages, individuals with a mortgage balance that exceeds the value of their home, decreased by 21.9%.
  • The United States Department of Housing and Urban Development, Secretary Ben Carson, recently outlined his goals for the federal agency. As the first step, Secretary Carson will ensure the staff of the agency is well trained so as to ensure the services rendered to the public are efficient and correct. He further believes this initial step will decrease fraud, waste, and abuse that often occurs with the implementation of the agency’s programs. His other ideas include community partnerships and revising the agency’s rental assistance practices and procedures.
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