Editor: David Reiss
Brooklyn Law School

September 26, 2022

How Fintech Cos. May Transform Real Estate Investment

By David Reiss

Justin Peralta

Joseph Bizub









I published How Fintech Cos. May Transform Real Estate Investment along with Joseph Bizub and Justin Peralta in Law360. It opens,

Until relatively recently, real estate with a small footprint — one-to-four-family homes as well as small retail, office and industrial buildings — were generally within the sole purview of small investors who invested locally.

Today, because of technological advances, these owner-occupants and investors face significant competition from institutional investors and an emerging class of decentralized finance investors.

These fintech companies are bringing new approaches to the challenges that real estate investing traditionally poses: illiquidity, lack of capital, lack of diversification and uneven access to market information.

This article focuses on how decentralized finance investors in particular are meeting those challenges and suggests that while much of their vaunted innovation is simply old wine in new bottles, there is good reason to think that they will be driving a lot of investment in small real estate transactions in the future, in no small part because people like shiny new bottles.

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