Editor: David Reiss
Brooklyn Law School

July 10, 2017

Monday’s Adjudication Roundup

By Jamila Moore

  • The New Jersey Appellate Division affirmed their lower court decision affirming the dismissal of a negligence suit involving a Pennsylvania law firm. The lucky Pennsylvania law firm did not have the requisite contacts with the state of New Jersey for the state to establish jurisdiction over the firm.
  • A Florida bank is relieved. A Florida Court of Appeals ruled in favor of the bank noting that their action was not time barred by the five year statute of limitations. The Florida bank initiated foreclosure proceedings at five different points on five different occasions, thereby tolling the statute of limitations.
  • The Paramount Group Inc. settled a suit with the S.E.C. over their alleged practice with reimbursing funds over a parking facility in San Francisco. Due to the deal, the company will not have to admit or deny the allegations set forth by the SEC.
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