Editor: David Reiss
Brooklyn Law School

October 2, 2017

Monday’s Adjudication Roundup

By Jamila Moore

  • Leonard Vincent Lombardo allegedly is not out of trouble with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). Prior to the SEC’s most recent investigation, the SEC  banned Lombardo from participating in the broker industry. Despite the SEC’s ban, Lombardo allegedly participated in a real estate scheme that costed investors roughly $6 million.
  •  A Missouri jury found Sho-Me Power Electric Cooperative liable for violating their electric easements with a class of Missouri landowners. The electric company violated the easements through their use of fiber optics. As a result, the jury awarded the landowners $130 million; however, a judge vacated the awards and ordered a new damages trial.
  • The U.S. Court of Appeals, Second Circuit recently reversed the convictions of Dean and Adam Skelos. However, federal prosecutors are filing new charges against the duo due to their alleged bribing of state leaders in Albany for construction projects. Further, the federal prosecutors deem the reversal of the convictions irrelevant to the new trial.
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