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May 29, 2014

Ohio Appeals Court Denies Assignment Error Claim Brought by Appellee

By Ebube Okoli

The court in deciding United States Bank Nat’l Ass’n v. McHugh, 2013-Ohio-5473 (Ohio Ct. App., Lucas County, 2013) concluded that the trial court properly denied mortgagors’ motion under Civ.R. 60(B)(2).

Appellants argued that appellee lacked standing and was not the real party in interest. They also alleged that they were entitled to relief pursuant to their discovery of new evidence in the form of a pooling service agreement that confirmed appellee’s lack of standing.

Appellee opposed appellants’ motion on the basis that it was barred by res judicata, untimely, and failed to establish grounds for relief pursuant to Civ.R. 60(B)(2).

After considering the parties’ arguments, the court denied appellants’ motion. In its judgment entry, the court determined that the evidence relied upon by appellants in supporting their Civ.R. 60(B) motion was available to them prior to summary judgment and, therefore, was not newly discovered evidence. Further, the court found that appellants failed to demonstrate the existence of a meritorious defense as required under the Ohio Supreme Court. Finally, the court concluded that appellants’ motion was not filed within a reasonable time pursuant to Civ.R. 60(B).

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