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March 6, 2014

Ohio Court Dismisses Claims Asserting that MERS Could Not Act as Nominee

By Ebube Okoli

The court in deciding Cline v. Mortg. Elec. Registration Sys., 2013-Ohio-5706 (Ohio Ct. App., Franklin County 2013) overruled appellant’s seven assignments of error, thus this court upheld the judgment of the lower court.

The lower court granted MERS’ motion after concluding that, because appellant voluntarily signed the mortgage and agreed to the existing lien, the mortgage could not constitute a cloud on appellant’s title subject to R.C. 5303.01. On appeal, appellant argued the original loan was originated by CBSK, a company no longer in business; therefore, any agreement between CBSK and MERS that MERS would act as nominee for CBSK is void.

In appellant’s view, because the agreement between CBSK and MERS was void, the note and mortgage were no longer in effect and constituted a cloud upon her title. Appellant argued that, unlike Unger, which concerned mortgage assignments, this matter was different as it concerns the underlying mortgage itself.

Upon review, this court found that the appellant’s complaint failed to state a claim upon which relief can be granted, and, thus, the trial court did not err in dismissing appellant’s complaint pursuant to Civ.R. 12(B)(6). Accordingly, all of the appellant’s claims were overruled.

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