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September 3, 2013

Arizona Court Rejects Plaintiff’s Argument That MERS Lacked Authority to Foreclose

By Ebube Okoli

The Arizona court in Kane v. Bosco, No. 10-CV-01787-PHX-JAT, 2010 WL 4879177 (D.Ariz. 2010), after considering the plaintiffs contentions that MERS lacked the power to assign mortgages, proceeded to reject those arguments.

In making such a rejection, the court held that MERS could assign mortgages. Contrary to plaintiffs‘ allegations, the court failed to see how the MERS System lacked authority as a nominee of lenders to assign deeds of trust. Further, the court failed to see how MERS, in assigning deeds of trust, committed any form of fraud as the plaintiff alleged.

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