Editor: David Reiss
Brooklyn Law School

March 1, 2017

Wednesday’s Academic Roundup

By Robert Engelke

  • This paper, titled Blockchain for Commercial Real Estate, talks about how blockchain technology can be applied to real estate transactions to save costs on fees, speed up transactions, and provide additional security.
  • This paper, titled Non-Banks and Lending Standards in Mortgage Markets, The Spillovers from Liquidity Regulation, shows show that greater liquidity in Ginnie Mae (GNMA) backed secondary mortgage markets has led to a higher market share and more relaxed standards for nonbanks and lenders with less deposit funding.
  • The major cities of the world have attracted a flurry of interest from out-of-town (OOT) home buyers. Such capital inflows in local real estate have implications for affordability through their effects on prices and rents, but also for construction, local labor markets, the spatial distribution of residents, and ultimately economic welfare. This paper, Out-of-Town Buyers and City Welfare, We develop a spatial equilibrium model of a city that features heterogeneous households that make optimal decisions on consumption, savings, labor supply, tenure status, and location.
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